A number of practical courses are offered to complement other services available to prisoners. Through such courses, prisoners are able to:

  • re-evaluate their approach to life
  • make meaningful and positive changes.

Prisoners can expect to:

  • increase their awareness of the potential value of their contribution to the community in which they live,
  • recognise and accept the responsibility they each have for their quality of thoughts and feelings,
  • experience a higher degree of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stability when faced with challenging situations,
  • identify and develop positive qualities and strengths,
  • recognise the value of meditation in creating a calm mind
  • increase self-reliance as a preparation for life outside the prison.


The courses:

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Meditation Classes Have a Place In Prison Regimes

Raja Yoga Meditation classes have been held successfully at HMP Gartree for the last four years.

It is obvious, in many ways that a number of men have gained a great deal from attending the courses.
  1. An increase in self confidence and self esteem has been obvious in a number of participants.
  2. A mutual trust and respect has developed between students and teachers. Students have been observed to respond more positively in their relationships with other members of the prison establishment.
  3. Inmates have met and interacted with a number of individuals who have offered, by word and action, a living example of an alternative way of thinking and acting. Some inmates have sought to emulate their teachers.
  4. Inmates have taken the opportunity to contribute to a public programme for National Prisoners week entitled, `A Celebration of Human Dignity in Prison', organised in London by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Contributions ranged from poetry to a combined exhibition of woodwork, metalwork, needlework and fine art.

It is apparent that meditation has become more and more an accepted part of the life of the prison and a subject worthy of study. Prisoners are more open to giving it a try.
I recommend that you try meditation classes in your prison - what have you got to gain? A great deal!


John Whittington

Education Co-ordinator, HMP Gartree


Thank you very much for doing the meditation course for us. It has had a profound effect on the residents who participated. They are very grateful.



Anna Infanti
Drug Rehabilitation Unit, HMP Wayland



This course was helpful and inspiring. To learn about the true functions of my thoughts and actions helps me to make positive decisions and actions. To recognise that having positive thoughts will (automatically) lead to positive actions is particularly relevant to my life right now.




HMP Grendon


re-evaluate their approach to life