Staff comments:


I wish to endorse the wonderful work and continued commitment and the Brahma Kumaris have given to HMP Hollesley Bay Colony. Over the past four years, [the tutor] has endured the difficult task of working with resistance and perseverance to offer courses in self esteem, anger management, meditation and positive thinking.
Prisoners and staff who have come into contact with the Brahma Kumaris organisation have found value and inner peace which has helped them to cope with and be sustained at a difficult time in their life. I value their contribution to the prison regime.

Barbara Marsh

SRN, Probation Health Co-ordinator, HMP and YOI Hollesley Bay Colony.


[ The Brahma Kumaris] offered their services to HMP Oxford at a point when the Prison Education staff recognised a need in many prisoners for help in facing their future return to the real world. ……Ten men enrolled on the initial six week Positive Thinking Course. Feedback has been excellent: ideas and debating points have been discussed at length in the days following each session: men have clearly been inspired, excited, and strengthened by the processes involved which are based on rigorous logic and self honesty. At the end of the six weeks, men asked for the course to be extended for a further six weeks, then for the course to be repeated for the benefit of a new group.
[The tutor]has at all times impressed us with his great control of the group, the excellent rapport and trust that he has created with the men, his absolute integrity, and the sound and valuable content of the course. ‘Positive Thinking’ is a course to be recommended as suitable and relevant to men in prison or elsewhere.

Jo Donachie

Former Education Manager, HMP Oxford


I have known [the tutor] for the last two years through my work with offenders. He has been delivering sessions on issues relating to self-management and positive thinking to convicted young offenders and adults in local prisons. These have been attended voluntarily and with great enthusiasm.
In any interaction with [the tutor] he shows the capacity to combine intellectual clarity with pragmatic wisdom. He has enthusiasm for considering with others, essential issues to do with the human condition and is generous with his time and sense of worth extended to individuals. His calm manner and sense of humour infect those who meet him and he is effective as facilitator with groups as well as individuals.
I would consider [the tutors] presence on any staff team, running courses, or delivering seminars or tutorials to be an enormous asset.

Viv Lever

Former Education Manager, HMYOI Huntercombe


Prisoner Comments:


I found the course helpful and empowering. It was particularly insightful of the way I can deal differently with confrontation and develop new habits of behaviour by learning from experience and practice. The spiritual aspect of the course led me to conclude that ultimately I can take responsibility for how I think, my attitude, and the effect I have on my environment thus giving me a sense of control.
Thank you very much indeed. We are so privileged that people care enough to offer these courses.


HMP Grendon


I found the course to be very useful and thought provoking and it has thrown light on aspects of my life. It provides a different perspective.


HMP Grendon


I’ve never thought about these things before…I don’t just mean here, I mean ever!


HMYOI Huntercombe


I got a lot from the sessions even though sometimes I didn’t show it.


HMP Norwich


The meditation course has helped me find myself. I am searching for something and it has helped open my mind. It has helped me realize the reasons I first took drugs.


HMP Wayland


I had had enough of my drug problem and the trouble that it brought me – I was serving a four year sentence for drug offences. I was feeling so low through the drugs and having suffered so many losses, bereavements, liberty, and being away from my wife and children. I started this new drug course, a part of which was with the Brahma Kumaris. This group turned out to be my favourite of all and gave me the most from the course.
The tutor was so patient with us all and helped me to regain a lot of self-esteem. This in turn gave me a lot of happiness, which I hadn’t had for so long. Thanks again to the tutor and to the Brahma Kumaris. The group is really worthwhile.


HMP Maidstone


I now have quite a good collection of (Brahma Kumaris) Raja Yoga material which I am forever reading through. I find it a great comfort in my effort to change myself. Raja Yoga has made me search deep inside myself to find a peace I have always had. I no longer miss what I senselessly pined for, covet what is mine, or judge others. I still have little outbursts of non-violent anger but most of these attacks are being questioned by myself before they happen, and life is wonderful – even in here.


HMP Gartree



The classes have helped me to become more compassionate and to use empathy. It has opened doors, taken away my blinkers, and helped me realise searching is futile because the answers are within me. It has helped me with my other courses. I can explain myself more. I am now genuinely trying to find out about other people, instead of being critical.


HMP Wayland