The services that have been offered to staff as well as to prisoners, in the UK, have provided templates for both individuals and organisations abroad, to engage in new approaches to prison work.

In particular, it is the seminars in offender management that have provided a forum from which to explore diverse ideas and experiences. Time and again the conversations have come back to the key, core themes of

  bullet-arrow relationships,
  bullet-arrow understanding roles,
  bullet-arrow managing change - both personal and cultural, and
  bullet-arrow self-respect.


Within these themes there has consistently been a recognition of the part played by the higher values of courage, compassion, forgiveness, healing, care and integrity.


The wealth of experience, personal stories, and insights generated within this forum provided a unique and rich source of material and ideas that have begun to be disseminated to others who work within prisons in other countries. The Brahma Kumaris work in prisons on every continent. Such has been the international acceptance of the work of the University that, in some prisons, permanent meditation facilities have been established and in others their course materials incorporated into prison officers training.


It is the values-based approach, reflecting our own spirituality, that enables us to develop the inner strength, peace and energy to deal with the challenges of modern life more easily and to make a more positive contribution to the world. This is not confined by borders, boundaries or frontiers!

relationships, relationships,