Through seminars and courses, the working group aims to:

  • facilitate the development of personal, positive qualities and attributes
  • enhance self-respect and self-esteem for individual
  • explore personal and spiritual growth and understanding
  • provide a non-judgemental and supportive environment in which to facilitate personal growth.

The Benefits

Nowadays, more and more organisations and professions are recognising the importance of spiritual ideas and practices in improving the quality of life. The many benefits include:

  • mental clarity enabling more effective decision-making
  • stronger relationships leading to harmony and co-operation
  • improved ability to handle change and conflict
  • deeper understanding of the effects of our thoughts, words and actions on ourselves and others
  • greater self esteem through the appreciation of innate positive qualities and values
  • peace of mind.


The seminars are excellent, extremely informative, welcoming and a pleasure to attend. I have derived great personal benefit from them and I am now much more relaxed in myself. This in turn has had a very positive impact on the quality of my work and home time.

Michele Holmes
Prison Officer, HMP Durham


Excellent – a privilege to attend! I arrived feeling rather depressed and demotivated but left recharged and empowered. Not bad for two days.

Martyn Youngs
Probation Officer, HMP Lewes