Since 1984, when the Brahma Kumaris began working in prisons, they have worked with prisoners in nearly 30 different establishments. The service offered has been either directly through workshops and courses, or indirectly through correspondence learning systems.



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The following quote is from Brian, HMP Kingston:

I took the Correspondence Course in Raja Yoga Meditation. It made so much sense. I began to learn how to:
bullet-arrow allow my mind to clear,
bullet-arrow become calmer,
bullet-arrow become less frustrated,
bullet-arrow accept who I was as a person.


People that know me began to tell me that I had changed, that my body language was much more at ease and I was less intense. Over a period of years I have been able to quite naturally adjust myself in the way I think and react. Raja Yoga Meditation has offered me the tools and opportunity to look at myself in a balanced way, to respect myself and those around me.

I have learned that I need time to myself, without the pressure of my previous needs at a time when my life was out of balance. Now my outlook is quite different. Raja Yoga Meditation has allowed me to step away from a situation and see it and others from a different perspective. Raja Yoga has been a form (of meditation) that I found/find acceptable without being overbearing.