These take the form of seminars and courses.

Each event is an opportunity to learn practical methods to:

  • sustain calm and clarity in everyday living
  • review the purpose of our life
  • explore the deepest insights into the true nature of our being.

The events are sensitively designed to:

  • address current issues
  • explore enlightened leadership
  • cultivate an ethos of interpersonal care
  • reflect on the application of spiritual values in the workplace.

Programmes are led by experienced facilitators coming from a richly diverse background of personal experience. Many of the presenters have a depth of experience of working within offender management, particularly within the prison system. They give their time freely to share their experiences and to help others to master the inner changes necessary to cultivate a deeper contentment and stability in an often chaotic world.

Services Offered to Staff


The seminar was indeed inspirational. I do feel that my life has been enriched by the experience.


Graham Parker
Director, C.C.T.L.