Recognising the daily pressures to which staff working in offender management are subjected and how these may affect one’s personal life, the range of courses offered give practical insights and solutions into dealing with such pressures.

Through these courses, prison staff can expect to:

  • increase their awareness of techniques that reduce personal stress,
  • identify opportunities for improving relationships and atmosphere at work,
  • experience personal growth and development at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels,
  • recognize the value of a calm mind in facilitating clear decision making,
  • learn methods to deal practically with negative emotions and feelings about oneself and others.

The courses

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All these programmes can be

  • run for groups within the work setting
  • taken up individually through local BK centres.

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The seminar was a wonderful opportunity to take a step back, slow down the mind and appreciate exactly what’s going on in my life. I feel very fortunate to have been able to take part.



Janine Partington, Senior Officer
HMYOI Huntercombe




increase their awareness of techniques that reduce personal stress,