Prison Service Personnel


The work of prison staff involves relating in ways that respect the humanity of others and particularly those who are vulnerable and who have been damaging in their behaviour. This calls for reserves of spiritual awareness involving a search for meaning, purpose, relationships, hope and commitment. The involvement of the Brahma Kumaris in working with prison staff has enabled this dimension of prison life to be developed in a unique manner of mutual respect

Tim Newell

Former Governor, HMP Grendon and Springhill


To participate in the seminar was a privilege. Thank you for allowing me to share in the life of the centre for two days. It was spiritually very rewarding.

Joe Mullens

Former Governor, HMP Wormwood Scrubs


I have been involved with these seminars for over a decade. They offer opportunities for an exploration of values and of ways in which they can be maintained, enhanced and supported in the prison environment. This involvement has become a major part of my own spiritual development and I can feel every day the positive impact the seminars have had upon my approach to my work.

Mal Gillan

Head of Residence, HMYOI Huntercombe


For over 10 years these seminars and workshops have been the most significant part of my multi-faceted personal and spiritual development. These ageless teachings are universal. Learning to use my mind effectively, control my thoughts and manage myself has been invaluable in coping with difficult situations.

Gail Bradley
Policy Lead – Family Ties, Offender Policy and Rights Unit,
Offender, Law and Sentencing Policy Directorate


I have been given so many wonderful gifts, tools and love to share with others.

Nessa Killeen-McGuirk

Counsellor, RAPT, HMP Coldingley


A wonderful seminar held in a superbly calm, relaxing environment.

Lucy Chalmers-Wilke

Prison Officer, HMYOI Warren Hill


An excellent and enjoyable seminar! I’m looking forward to the next one.

Leon Hubbard

Offending Behaviour Programme Manager, HMP Feltham


It was both an honour and a challenge to attend the seminar. I was surprised to find that the problems and dilemmas faced by my British counterparts were the same as those in the Polish prison service. A very balanced seminar in its content and presentation that provided many practical elements. Most importantly, it enabled me to discriminate clearly what I truly have influence over and what is beyond my influence. Accordingly, I feel I am now able to interact with others in a more meaningful way.

Ryszard Seroczynski

Senior Warden, Cultural & Educational Wing, Wloclawek Prison , Poland


I could compare this to my woodworking lessons. Without the tools one cannot work. I believe that the tools I have picked up here will greatly facilitate my work there.

Tony Revell

Instructional Officer, HMP Gartree


The experience has been one of re-acquaintance and re-affirmation. For myself, I recognize there to be a number of key elements to the value and impact of the seminars. These are:
- the setting, acceptance of everyone, and quiet purpose of the retreat,
- the motivational speakers, each bringing their own energy,
- the cross section of delegates,
- the kindness and calm,
- the promotion of the minds agility to move between deep conscious thoughts/beliefs and actions,
- the space and guidance for reflections at various times through the day on the core values of the self,
- being left to my own devices and thoughts, from which to emerge with a greater sense of calm and peace.
Although ambushed by life’s daily travails, I manage to retain this in my consciousness and in my own quiet purpose.

Andy Teare

Bail Officer, HMP Lewes


These seminars have allowed me to move away from negative, self destructive behaviours. Meeting with your peers on an equal footing, regardless of rank or role within the formal organization, is a productive and enlightening experience. It allows you to express feelings and thoughts in a creative and relaxed environment. I have discovered that I am not alone in my beliefs, values, aspirations and insecurities. There are many like-minded people, at all levels, within the Prison Service who are willing to support and encourage me in positive change. Most importantly, these seminars have given me the time and space to re-examine the more critical aspects of my career choice.

Daniel North

Psychologist, HMP Wormwood Scrubs


Probation Service Personnel


I absolutely love this place; it’s like walking into Heaven. The vast building and beauty of the physical space is so rewarding. The seminar itself has been a wonderful, freeing experience that has encouraged me to go with my instinct for a more creative, nourishing future.

Belinda Knaggs

Probation Officer, HMP Holloway


The experience has exceeded my expectations and affirmed my values and beliefs.

Donna Linton

Probation Officer, HMP Holloway


Excellent – a privilege to attend! I arrived feeling rather depressed and demotivated but left recharged and empowered. Not bad for 2 days!

Martyn Youngs

Probation Officer, HMP Lewes


Very helpful in clarifying my thinking around retirement and forthcoming lifestyle changes. The atmosphere of thoughtful exploration was greatly assisted by periods of silent reflection. What a wonderfully open group of people.

Lyn Foot

Probation Officer, HMYOI Huntercombe


Non Prison/Probation Service Personnel


Many of the gems I have learnt from attending these seminars, during the last nine years, have totally changed the way I conduct my daily living. Internal peace has become a number one priority, from which all things slot into place more easily.

Trevor Willson

Project Manager, The Prism Project


The conference was indeed inspirational. I do feel that my life has been enriched by the experience.

Graham Parker

Director, C.C.T.L.


International Seminars

Wisla, Poland, November 04


I found the ideas shared around the topic of accessing ones personal power to be extremely insightful and very valuable, particularly in dealing with work-related stress. These were complemented by the peaceful and positive atmosphere with which the seminar was conducted.

Krzysztof Kulczycki

Prison Warder, Polish Prison Service