The Brahma Kumaris’ currently work within places of detention with both staff and detainees although the majority of work has been with the latter. The type of work and the period of time the work has been taking place varies from country to country.


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The following are extracts from a report by the Commissioner of Prisons for Mauritius, on change that occurred in the countries prisons, following a visit to the Brahma Kumaris HQ, Mount Abu, India:




Positive Thinking


Following my visit to Mount Abu in 1994, a program of Positive Thinking was introduced for Senior Officers. This course is aimed at sensitizing Senior-Management on the need to keep good and positive relationship between and among staff.


Positive Thinking has now become part of the training program of officers of all grades at the Prison Officers Training School.




Self-management and Self-responsibility


A new model treatment programme has been established at Richelieu, whose philosophy is self-management and self-responsibility. Other alternatives are being envisaged to deal with misbehaviour of detainees. Officers will act as facilitators in a rehabilitation capacity, though they will continue to form part of a disciplinary force. Relationships between staff and clients have improved to a large extent.


A K Deepak R Bhookhun

PDSM Commissioner of Prisons, Prisons Headquarters, Beau Bassin, Mauritius



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